Product Realization & Development Leader

You love inventing, solving challenges and developing products that have not been made before. You are team driven and understand why they are important and how powerful they are in developing the future. You are, and act as, a pioneer as well as a teacher who inspires our clients’ acceptance and use of innovation and ideation. Above all else, you understand and know the power of innovation and ideation and what team created solutions can do for organizations.

We have an immediate full-time opening for a Product Development Leader in our Innovation Group at our corporate studio in Orange County, CA. You must possess strong communication, technical and creative skills in addition to great teaching, organizational, and client-focused competencies.

Level:  5+ years

Your Mission: To uncover potential new product ideas and bringing those ideas from the abstract into reality.


  1. Work closely with our clients and gather information and data to define potential new product opportunities.
  2. Conduct research within our markets served searching for needs and voids to point us to new potential new product opportunities.
  3. Take the ideas and work with Ideation Leaders, Business Advancement Strategists and POMM Teams and Program Managers to define potential products and bring those ideas to reality if justifiable.

You will lead the development and management of:

  1. New products;
  2. Discovering client opportunities;
  3. Gathering accurate information on client challenges;
  4. Building and sustaining relationships during our client projects and beyond;
  5. Help Program Managers define and form internal and external teams that allow us to innovate outside the status quo;


Client Interaction

  • Gathering accurate information to clearly define our client challenge
  • Work closely with our Business Advancement Strategist Leader and Ideation Leaders to crystallize the client’s vision and goal as it relates to solving their challenge
  • Use pioneering and teaching mindset to inspire clients acceptance and use of innovation and ideation
  • Assist in presenting project updates to clients
  • Conduct client onsite research and challenge discussions

Project Support

  • Produce compelling and engaging client project update presentations
  • Clearly articulate the fundamental design challenge and innovation opportunity and distill it down to a mission and purpose for the POMM support teams
  • Identify the internal and external resources required to meet the team mission and purpose
  • Identify obstacles and risks that may impact the successful completion of our mission and purpose


Client Relationship Skills

  • Internal and external customer focus with a passion for performance
  • Talent and comfort with developing connections with people inside and outside of an organization

Communication Skills

  • Outstanding listener
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to influence senior level executives as well as front-line employees

Technical Skills

  • A maker and inventor that doesn’t mind getting his/her hands dirty


  • In-depth experience in managing client relationships, conducting research, and  synthesizing information into meaningful and relevant insights
  • Minimum 5 years in one or more of the following: engineering and design, product design and development, applications engineering, ideation

Professional Traits

  • Adaptable and versatile; able to make multi-faceted contributions
  • Collaborative, team orientated
  • Ability to multi-task, work efficiently and effectively in a dynamic environment
  • Focus on and attention to detail
  • Desire for growth and advancement
  • Creative, Inspiring
  • Helpful, Warm, Friendly, Supportive
  • Trustworthy, Reliable, Responsive


  • 40% within North America will be require


  • BS in engineering
  • Advanced degree preferred
  • MBA preferred

When applying

  • In 1-2 sentences, tell us why you want to work at Spellbound.
  • Tell us about yourself in one compelling sentence
  • Please include a cover letter, detailed resume and compensation history

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