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Each year Spellbound receives hundreds of ideas and inventions from companies, inventors, students, professionals and more, seeking feedback. We take pride in knowing we have so many fans that support our Cause and Mission through their submissions.

Would you like to submit your idea to us?

Our Idea Submission Process balances your interests and rights with ours.

You will never be charged any fees for an evaluation on your invention or product. Should we decide to partner with you and move forward with your invention or product, we would either acquire it or work with you in partnership towards a mutually beneficial business relationship.

If you are interested, please review our Idea Submission Rules and Terms & Conditions, then complete the online Form. In return, Spellbound offers a preliminary evaluation of your submission.

OUR CAUSE: Why we get up in the morning

Inspire innovation and creativity in our clients, partners and community.

OUR MISSION: How we accomplish our Cause

Become the leading company in the world focused on using ideation, creativity and innovative thinking to solve enterprise challenges.

Thank You for Your Interest in Spellbound

Even if we reject a submission, we value your trust in us and your enthusiasm for innovation.

Please DO NOT submit any inventions, prototypes or ideas unless you’ve completed and signed our Idea Submission Terms and Conditions, protecting your invention(s). We will not open or review any unsolicited submissions or inventions.

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