Design & Development

Our focus turns to your most promising idea and bringing it to life while ensuring your vision and goal are clearly and concisely met. We translate concepts into reality by designing the systems necessary for your team to analyze, test, and evaluate tangible models.

Turning Point

Developed by bringing together your team, subject matter experts, and our POMM Team Innovation Leaders in collaborative sessions, this stage shapes your idea into a detailed product, service, or process specification. The teams explore design options and discuss potential challenges.

Team Architecture

We now build a POMM Design and Development Team made up of industry experts, engineers, industrial designers, artists, copy writers, and other creative individuals to inject your idea with a dose of realism.


The POMM Design and Development Team begins its magic and develops a preliminary design based on the approved specifications. Utilizing two- and three- dimensional computer modeling and pencil-to-paper efforts, the team creates a number of rough concepts, in addition to producing renderings to show styling and layout alternatives.

Are you really thinking BIG and being DISRUPTIVE to the marketplace?

This process begins to free us from ambiguity. It validates whether the product, service, or process may be technically feasible. It also provides support to the team’s level of confidence that the design will work, and meets your vision and goal before proceeding to the individual components and creating detailed designs and documents.

Once your team approves the direction, the POMM Team begins identifying and developing each component of the idea, creating digital files that take your idea out of the world of the abstract and into reality.


The POMM Team transforms the preliminary digital data into feasibility models and prototypes, conceptual perspectives and 3D illustrations, story boards, presentations, and more, if necessary. Rapid iterations help bring your idea to life and establish your underlying vision and goal.

Your team now has the opportunity to analyze, test, and evaluate your idea for limitations. It also gives you time to obtain end user experience, so you can gain valuable insight before deciding to take your idea to the next level.

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