Production Readiness

This is the most important part of new product, service, or process development because it focuses on obtaining a consensus from all teams on the current state of production readiness. It addresses areas requiring improvement and provides your decision-makers at all levels with a common understanding of the relative maturity and current risks associated with your new idea.


The POMM Design and Development Team leaders and your team sit down once again side-by-side to clearly refine tolerances, materials, finishes, styling, ergonomics, and the overall look and feel of the final vision and goal.


Detail design, or design-for-manufacture, is the stage where each component of your idea is identified, engineered, and documented with digital drawings and specifications. This is done in preparation of manufacturing your idea into a market-ready product, service, or process.

Are you simplifying to yield bottom line dollars?

Confirming Vision and Goal

Prototyping, rapid iterations, and user testing are conducted, if necessary. This gives all teams a chance to evaluate, confirm, and approve the product, service, or process to ensure it meets your goal and vision and to obtain a consensus on the current state of production readiness.

Your idea is now ready for implementation, production, and launch.

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