Building Your Very Own Celebrity Dream Team for a Business Challenge

| By Editorial Staff

The NBC reality show Celebrity Apprentice gave us more than Donald Trump’s you’re fired catchphrase. It also showed us what happens when a group of strong-minded, diverse personalities get together to accomplish a similar business goal, while simultaneously trying to edge out their “competition” to get the attention and credit they feel they deserved.

While any reality show tends to take circumstances to the extreme (we need only think of Meatloaf’s incredible outbursts or Gary Busey being, well, Gary Busey), Celebrity Apprentice actually fairly represents the tricky balance between collaboration and friction.

It got us thinking if we could build the ultimate celebrity dream team to tackle a business challenge, who’d we pick?

There’s so much to consider. First, the thousands, upon thousands, of candidates out there (alive or dead). Then there’s the type of personalities we’d want to join forces. Would we really want to have five of the same mindsets in one room? Sure, their harmonious outlook might make them more productive, but would we really get the best possible outcome?

From our experience, friction in collaboration isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’re reminded of an episode of The West Wing, where the liberal President (Martin Sheen) chooses to bring on two new faces to the Supreme Court – a strong liberal and a strong conservative – because their civilly combative arguments resulted in deeper thinking and consideration.

When you’re faced with someone who doesn’t think like you, you’re forced to rethink your own perspective and find ways to defend it against even the toughest scrutiny. If you succeed, great! If you don’t, then you know it’s back to the drawing board.

So, who’d we choose for our celebrity dream team?

For starters, we know how important it is to get youth involved. Today’s youngest generations simply think differently because they’ve grown up with the Internet, smartphones and social media. Representing team youth, we opted to go with social media star Tyler Oakley, who has 8 million followers on YouTube, more than 5 million followers on Twitter, and more than 6 million followers on Instagram.

Sure, celebrities like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift also have millions of followers, but they were famous to begin with. Oakley, on other hand, built his following from the ground up and used social media, alone, to become famous.

That type of savvy promotional know-how is key for our celebrity dream team.

But at the same time, youth can be like an adolescent dog. The dog is trained to know better, but still can’t help himself from chasing after that dang squirrel. That’s why we needed a little gray-haired seasoning to keep Oakley in check.

We decided to go with billionaire Mark Cuban. His résumé and bank account speak for themselves; however, what we really like about Cuban is that despite being an old pro in business, he keeps his finger on the pulse of cutting edge technologies and trends. We think Oakley and Cuban would learn a lot from one another, which is exactly what we’re looking for here in our dream team – individual growth to fuel better team results.

Both Oakley and Cuban are business savvy in their own ways, which is certainly a form of creativity. However, we wanted to bring in a type of creativity that’s on its own level. For this, we had a lot to choose from. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, of course, breathe creativity in everything they do. Then there’s Stephen King, Meryl Streep and Martin Scorsese.

But we wanted to find someone whose creativity has proven effective in a more linear, concrete manner. That’s why we chose Pharrell. Pharrell is a music producer and rapper behind songs like “Happy.” We love him because his mind just thinks differently. For every person, object, or sound he comes across, he sees something bigger and better.

That’s the recipe of a winning business strategy, not to mention Pharrell is known to be extremely humble and soft spoken, which is a good balance with Cuban’s boisterous personality.

Looking at our team we’ve discovered we have too many guys – this matters. There should be a balance of men and women in order to ensure our team brings in perspectives from all walks of life.

That’s why our next celebrity is Amy Schumer. We chose Schumer because her humor will help keep heads cool when tensions rise. She’s quick with her mind and her mouth, which we like. Plus, she is also a proven business-minded celebrity, who’s built her career from the ground up and paid her dues along the way.

We like that scrappiness.

Finally, we opted to add Mother Theresa. Here’s why: whenever you bring together strong personalities into one room, often times empathy gets tossed out of the window. Everyone has an opinion that they feel is right, but no one is thinking about how the other person feels.

Mother Theresa, however, always empathized with others. This isn’t a trait many people have, so when you find it in someone, cherish it. Her compassion and ability to see beyond herself would help our team remain grounded and focused on the greater goal, rather than individual triumphs.

There you have it. Our very own celebrity dream team who likely can tackle any business challenge that comes their way.

If you could choose anyone for your dream team, who would it be? Would you be on it? Would you purposely add personalities that will cause friction in the room, or would you prefer to stack the deck with likeminded folks?

We’d love to hear from you.

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