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Client & Brand Protection


Box Cutter


Every day, most food service locations, along with those in many other industries, use utility knives to access supplies packaged in boxes and bags. Various types of utility knives are used, including single-edge razor blades, snap-off blade knives, single-sided carton cutters, and more. The one shared attribute among these knives is that each uses replaceable blades.


One of the world’s largest multi-unit food service organizations came to us for a solution. Their goal: to minimize the medical and legal costs tied to the use of these replaceable blade knives. Each year, our client endured an average of 11 incidences of losses when loose blades contaminated served foods and injured customers. These losses cost millions of dollars annually.


Stop the bleeding, and prevent these injuries and losses from occurring.


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We developed an inexpensive, disposable utility knife where the blade never needed to be touched or replaced. When the blade dulled, the user would simply dispose of the knife, or send it back to us for recycling where it would be replaced with a new one. The knife was lightweight but high-strength and used a stainless steel blade formulated to resist corrosion and wear. The body of the knife was brightly colored so it would not be misplaced or lost in the work environment. The knife was the first of its kind. Over the years, it led the way to many more safe-knife developments.


Our client rolled out the knife system-wide. Within the first 12 months of use, the financial losses were eliminated entirely, and the savings was in the millions of dollars. Our client stated that they would have had to open up 300 fully-staffed and profitable food service locations to put the dollars saved by this knife into their bottom line. This was a huge success for our client.

Over the years, this safe knife and a new generation of safe cutting devices have sold tens of millions of units. They have saved millions of dollars for this client and many others. More importantly, they have saved hundreds of people from needless loose-blade injuries.

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