We Have Our Eyes On Going GREEN

We Have Our Eyes On Going GREEN

CASE STUDY | INDUSTRY: Retail / Industrial
MISSION TYPE: Product Improvement


Utility knives are commonplace across numerous industries for accessing items packaged in boxes and bags. A variety of utility knives are used including single-edge and snap-off razor blade knives, single-sided carton cutters and more. So what’s the problem? The problem is these types of knives require the use of replacement blades, and no matter how careful an employee is when replacing a blade, they can still be lost or accidentally thrown away. And when a blade goes missing, it can end up in food causing product loss and injury, or worse, in the hands of a customer.

Spellbound has developed a number of ground breaking disposable safety utility knives that use embedded blade technology to help solve this problem. Users are not required to replace or handle any blades and simply dispose of the entire knife when the blade dulls. But we wanted to go one step further than eliminating razor blades in the workplace and go GREEN by reducing the plastic content of each knife. This would allow us to offer an affordable alternative to using knives with replacement blades.


  1. Develop a safe knife that will work across multiple industries with a disposable cartridge, so it is an affordable alternative to utility knives with replacement blades.
  2. Minimize the use of plastics and other waste, while retaining the safety and function of a disposable utility knife


After thoroughly researching and understanding the appeal of utility knives with replacement blades, we came to understand the primary driver to use replacement blades is cost; despite the fact that razor blades are among the most dangerous tool to be used in any work environment. With an absence in the marketplace for a safe and affordable alternative to replacement blades, we embarked on our mission to fill the void.

With the two requirements of “safe” and “affordable”, we unleashed our powerful Power Of Many Minds® team and process to ideate for solutions. The winning idea was to incorporate the safety aspect of a fully disposable knife, but reduce materials and in turn, cost, so that only a portion of it is actually disposed of.

Prototyping and rigorous testing ensued and a final design was born. Enter the disposable cartridge knife.


The result was our X-TraSafe® Cartridge Knife.

The development of the X-TraSafe Cartridge Knife allows workers to avoid contact with loose razor blades, providing them with a safe and affordable alternative to using utility knives with replacement blades. The locking guard feature is an added safeguard for your brand, ensuring when the cartridge is disposed of, the blade doesn’t become exposed in the trash or wherever it ends up.

Our goal was to help ensure everyone who goes to work, makes it home safe. Our X-TraSafe Cartridge Knife is designed with you and your customers’ health and safety in mind.


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