The Boiling Point: A Solution to Scald Injuries

INDUSTRY CASE STUDY | Food Service/Janitorial


Hot or boiling liquids are required for many workplace tasks primarily in the food service industry, but also for janitorial duties and for common tasks like making coffee. While burns remain one of the most frequent causes of workplace injuries numbering at 500,000 per year in the US, burns caused by liquids are far more common than those caused by flames1. Surprisingly, most of those injuries are caused by hot tap water!2

It only takes 5 seconds to receive a 3rd degree burn from 140°F water and it only takes 2 seconds if the water is 149°F3. And just like that, in a flash, you, your employee or your customer is injured or disfigured from the mishandling of hot liquids.


Due to the losses associated with these severe scald injuries, some of our largest clients in the food service industry contacted us for help. We researched scald injuries in the workplace and found that limited solutions existed in the marketplace that addressed transporting hot liquids safely, despite the obvious need. Realizing we could confidently develop a solution to protect our clients’ employees and customers from these serious injuries, we embarked on a mission to solve the problem.


Develop a container for the safe transporting of hot liquids that is FDA and NSF compliant, utilizes food-safe, BPA free materials and is easy to use.


Market research revealed that most containers used for transporting hot liquids are not covered or engineered for the safe handling of hot liquids. The containers that are designed to minimize scald burns utilize lids that are easily misplaced or not used at all. Our research, coupled with a thorough examination of the cause of scald injuries and the equipment used for dispensing hot liquids, helped us create a list of guiding principles and requirements we used to begin our development process. These guiding principals and requirements were given to our Power Of Many Minds® ideation team to generate potential solutions.

The result was the abstract idea of a safe container incorporating an integrated unitary upper body and cover design with a removable base. The upper body/cover would minimize the movement and flow of hot liquids during transport but would not inhibit inflow and outflow of the hot liquid during filling and pouring. The bottom was used to access the container for cleaning and sanitizing.

Prototyping and thorough testing followed and after several rounds of improvements and refinement, the Red Hot Safety Pitcher emerged. The pitcher is now in manufacturing and available for purchase.


The development of the Red Hot Safety Pitcher has provided a unique solution where before, none existed. Our clients can now rest easy knowing they can provide protection to their employees and customers against scald injuries, and as a result, protect their brand as well. Start protecting your employees and brand today by investing in the Red Hot Safety Pitcher.

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