Decoding Dreams

| By Editorial Staff

“Being Naked in Public”…
Random Thoughts on the Meaning of Dreams

According to some dream experts, dreams have brought about big changes in our world. While most of us can’t say our dreams have inspired Nobel prize-winning ideas, even dreaming of a bare backside might mean your subconscious is telling you something you need to know.  pens

In 1844, American inventor Elias Howe was in the middle of designing his sewing machine. The problem of how to get the machine to hold the needle had him stumped. One night he dreamed of being attacked by spear-wielding cannibals. He was jolted out of sleep but remembered noticing that their spears had a hole at the pointed tip. That’s when he realized where to put the hole in his sewing machine’s needle.

It’s rumored that subconscious prompts have been responsible for two Nobel Prizes and even the structure of the periodic table of the elements. (Thanks to a dream experienced by the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev.)

dreamsWhat does paying attention to dreams mean for most of us who aren’t in search of a Nobel Prize? Dream experts believe that we can see things much more clearly when we leave the thinking to our subconscious. Our thoughts are less linear, helping us to think outside the box.

People are endlessly fascinated by dreams. We look to them to tell us something meaningful. They likely reflect emotional concerns and preoccupations that we are trying to work out while we sleep.

Here are interpretations of six of the most common dreams that you may have experienced:

  • Being naked in public: A reflection of anxiety from major life changes like a new job or work that brings you in front of the public. It could even be a message to stop being someone you’re not.
  • Death: Not necessarily a nightmare, this dream may be a prompt from your subconscious to begin a new endeavor or make a fresh start.
  • Being chased: An encouragement to face a problem that has been hanging over your head. Interestingly, this dream is experienced by women more often than men.
  • Being late: A sign that you may be overwhelmed and doing too much. It’s also a caution against making false promises.
  • Falling: A prompt that you need to take action to fix something. This dream is common in people who are having a major life problem with work or relationships.
  • Flying: A signal for you to let go of something that is out of your control, and allow things to fall naturally into place.

Try influencing your own dreams. As you’re drifting off to sleep tonight, tell yourself what you want to dream about. Some dream experts claim that practicing this for just a short period of time, about 50 percent of people can influence their dreams. baby

Think of dreams as a way your subconscious assembles networks of memories that you don’t normally access. It’s finding new ways to connect memories without interference from your conscious – no judgement and no filters allowed. Pay attention, and you might learn something interesting.

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