I Can Get My Satisfaction

| By Editorial Staff

Fifty years ago, the civilized world was heavy with unrest because it seemed impossible to obtain the idyllic lifestyle that the post-war generation believed would be theirs; then came the millennial generation with clean lines, clothes that don’t wrinkle, and seamless entertainment. Witness this video, chock full of satisfying moments.

It’s no wonder an entire segment of today’s population is fascinated with 19th century gizmos and futuristic idealism. Our scientific forebears explored clockwork movements to the nth degree, turning them from the toys of the past to world-altering innovations; all centering on the steam engine.

Two hundred years later we’ve returned to that level of ingenuity – but with an astounding new set of options in our tool belts. Witness a cake immaculately decorated, batteries robotically arranged from of a senseless pile into a line of neat packages, a helmet that is suddenly transformed…all by the miracle of technology.

And so we find ourselves a million miles beyond the now-woefully underwhelming sense of instant gratification that was the subject of so many pre-millennial songs. We’re so over wanting things in the right now. We want to feel happy about them as well. Instant oatmeal from the microwave? Bleh. Self-preparing gluten-free overnight oatmeal chock full of fruit? Heck yeah! It’s all about adding value these days.

One of the greatest marketing tools in this era of guaranteed satisfaction is the abbreviated video that takes us from start to incredible finish in a matter of seconds. It plays so well in social media because you can sacrifice a few moments to watch it without losing the sense of whatever you were doing.

Even better; we can deliver on product promises that were made through that thirty second video. Does the helmet turn out perfectly every time? Yup. Does the technology make sense economically? Sure thing. Can a robot do the swishy thing like the human does in order to keep up with demand? Ah yes, satisfaction requires some highly complex innovation. Yet nobody doubts the need can be met.

We believe this because we have that premium so necessary for success in today’s world: intelligence. Not just a high IQ, but a good amount of smarts combined with programming and product savvy. You don’t get a perfectly coiffed helmet without that.

This is why the Power of Many Minds (POMM) is a key part of our thinking at Spellbound. There are so many different kinds of smarts, not to mention a plethora of technologies to which even the savviest technologist might not have been exposed. There’s just too much out there. But when you pool people together, you get a wealth of information and bright ideas that weave themselves into vastly more innovative solutions. Like the way NASA gave us the microwave, but socialized thinking gave us better oatmeal.

That’s the difference between then and now. At the turn of the 18th century, individuals or groups of mostly men (thus limiting the talent pool) worked in book-lined rooms at giant conference tables. Sure, they might have had any number of attendants to look up bits of information as they needed them, but the process was incredibly tedious.

That was a time when a dozen rooms full of amazing inventors could only do so much. For one thing, communication was decidedly lacking. Consider that the greatest minds of Europe assumed the Australian duck-billed platypus was a hoax; an assumption that took years to correct. Today we simply look up a given fact on some reliable website and reap the instantaneously genuine satisfaction of knowing the truth.

Ours is a world where the possibilities are absolutely within reach – all we lack are the necessities to mother our inventions. Without stated needs, we have nothing to postulate. Yet as humans we’re still stuck in a mindset from two centuries ago. If we continue to force ourselves to live with outdated procedures and ridiculously stodgy processes, we’re no better than the scientists who spent years debating the authenticity of a creature that your native Aussie knew about from time immemorial.

So welcome to the 21st century already. Embrace the possibility that your solution might be had for the asking. You could indeed wake up next week to find an outdated technique is no more and you’re already reaping the rewards of lower production costs and higher safety standards.

Ask! Receive! Enjoy some satisfaction.




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