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| By Editorial Staff

The Leeo Smart Alert: Your Ears When You’re Not at Home

If you’ve ever pondered the question: “If my smoke detector or CO monitor sounds an alarm, will anyone be around to hear it?” the Leeo Smart Alert can put your mind at ease. Leeo will be listening.

The Leeo Smart Alert looks like a nightlight and acts like an alarm system. Leeo listens for alarms from your smoke detectors and CO monitors. Because of its connection to your home Wi-Fi and your smartphone via an app Leeo can notify you immediately if an alarm sounds inside your house. Leeo_SmartAlertNightlight_colorpicker

Leeo is also fun to have around. As a nightlight, Leeo illuminates a dark room in any one of 16 million colors. Brightness is adjusted with a turn of its ring. An ambient light sensor turns the light off during the day.

Leeo_SmartAlertNightlight_greenLeeo’s multiple sensors are its ears. They can detect noise at the frequencies emitted by smoke detectors and CO alarms. The sensors also monitor climate conditions, so you can keep on top of the temperature and humidity in your home. If you have multiple Leeos, you’ll receive messages that identify which unit is broadcasting the alerts.

If Leeo hears an alarm, it acts like a 4-year old. It won’t stop trying to get attention until someone responds to it. As part of setting up your system, you’re asked to identify a list of emergency contacts. If you don’t answer an alert, Leeo will go down the contact list until it gets someone’s attention.

Here’s an example of Leeo in action:

  • If its sensors detect a problem, Leeo turns red and notifies your smartphone with a message. It also sends an audio recording of the noise the alarm is making. You decide if you think you need to take action.
  • If you don’t respond to the first message, you will get a second alert in the form of an automated phone call that will also provide a recording of the alarm, as well as contact information for emergency services in the area.
  • Even if the system has to resort to notifying your emergency contacts, you’ll still receive notice that an alert was sent.

Leeo costs $99 and you aren’t tethered to a contract or service charges. Unlike a security service, Leeo is portable. It doesn’t require hardwiring into your home. Take it with you when you move. The app is compatible with iPhones back to the 4S model and Android smartphones with an OS of 4.3 and above.

Leeo’s founders are not new to success. Robert Brunner, the company’s chief product designer, is the guy who gave us the original Beats, and COO Charles Huang created Guitar Hero. CEO Adam Gettings gets the credit as the instigator of the idea. His career morphed from designer of first response robots that sniff out explosives to creator of the Leeo Smart Alert after a friend’s house burned down in a fire while he was away.

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