It’s the App Invasion! 4 Crazy Phone Apps

| By Editorial Staff

4 Crazy (And at Times Useless) Phone Apps

It didn’t take long after the advent of the smartphone for apps to become more than just a precursor to a meal. Since 2010, the number of apps found in the iOS App Store, Google Play, and now Amazon Appstore has increased steadily. In 2014, Apple had close to 1.21 million apps in its store, while Google Play had close to 1.43 million. *

And Amazon may be a distant third in the game (293,000 apps), but its catalog grew by nearly 90% between 2013 and 2014.

In other words, people can’t get enough of their mobile apps. And with this great demand has come a great supply.

This can often result in some pretty imaginative and useful apps, such as the Flashlight app. A simple technology that used your phone’s camera flash made it possible to find your way out of a dark corn maze without a bulky flashlight. That innovation was so popular that Apple made it a standard part of its latest iPhone models.

Less vital, yet equally helpful apps have also come to light, including Iconical, which allows users to customize their app icons on their iPhones. In this age of constant customization, Iconical quickly found its way into the home screens of thousands of smartphone users.

The less than useful apps at your disposal

Of course, with increased demand comes the opportunity for some innovators to explore their unorthodox side. The result? Some of the strangest apps you may or may not have ever heard of.

Here are 4 of the craziest and strangest apps that might one day make their way onto your smartphone.

  1. Pet BabyHave you ever wondered what your pet would look like as a baby? No? Didn’t think so. But clearly someone has thought that, because, well, there’s an app for that, called Pet Baby (by trashicon). Just take a picture of your pet and watch the app do the rest. The results are exactly as disturbing as you’d imagine.
  2. I Am RichThere once was a time when you could spend $1,000 for the I Am Rich app from the App Store. For $1,000 you’d expect the app would turn into an overly eager ATM dispensary. Rather, all it did was display a red gem on your phone’s screen.That’s it.

    While the app itself might seem alarming, what’s even more mind-boggling is that eight people actually downloaded it before Apple pulled it from the store. These days you might find I Am Rich (by iBanned) on Google Play, only this time it’s completely free … and still pointless.

  3. Birth BuddySmartphones give us the ability to track, measure, and share just about anything (take Map My Run, for example). So it was only a matter of time before someone came up with an app that tracked a pregnant woman’s contractions and then (get this) send that information to family members (who are surely standing by their phones with bated breath).Enter Birth Buddy by Verge23.

    While pregnant women will, at times, track their contractions to know how close they are to giving birth, the chances any of these women pulling out their phones to handle the job are extremely slim.

    But you never know.

  4. Zit PickerSome people really love popping zits. It doesn’t matter if the zits are on their bodies, or they belong to a loved one (or stranger). They simply can’t stop the urge to pop. Good thing Candywriter came up with Zit Picker then. For the extremely economical price of 99 cents, nitpickers can live in paradise as they pick at the pimples on the virtual Veronica on the screen.More than just a pastime, Zit Picker can help pimple poppers perfect their craft – if they pick too hard, poor Veronica will be left with a scar.

A melting pot of creativity, innovation, and a few other things …

Mobile apps have given innovators and creators a new medium to test out ideas they can present to the public at a moderate price (except, of course, for I Am Rich). This bodes well for consumers, because chances are if there’s a need or desire for some type of functionality, you can download it in seconds from your phone. But buyer beware: For every Flashlight app out there, there’s an endless supply of Pet Baby apps waiting to steal your attention (and dollars).



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