X-traSafe® "One-Cut" Safety Utility Knife

SKU: XSCU-03101


Our X-traSafe® “one-cut” safety utility knife was developed as a safe alternative to standard utility knives, minimizing loose razors blades in the workplace and reducing product contamination. Features and benefits include:

  • Patented “one-cut” blade guard protects users by automatically closing & locking after each cut
  • Designed to protect users and people nearby from being injured when a blade slips off the surface being cut
  • Reduces the medical, legal and lost time costs associated with employee and customer laceration injuries
  • Minimizes product contamination associated with loose blades in the workplace
  • Blade guard remains locked until trigger is pulled to release it
  • Stainless steel blade resists corrosion and breakage
  • FDA compliant, food-safe materials
  • Non-fatiguing, lightweight handle
  • Tape splitter safely and easily opens taped boxes
  • High visibility color
  • Serial numbering available
  • Recycling program available

For patent information go to www.spellboundinc.com/pat

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