Spellbound Extends Partnership Opportunities to Inventors

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IRVINE, CA- Spellbound, a division of Spellbound Development Group, Inc. is actively seeking inventions to add to their portfolio of products. Spellbound, has been designing and producing proprietary products for the past 25 years. They are now offering to extend their expertise in design, development, manufacturing and business development to inventors, partnering with them to bring their inventions to market.

“Over the years we have received calls from hundreds of inventors. The common theme of those calls was always how could they manufacture and market their products. They would spend a lot of money obtaining patents but never could unravel the magic of manufacturing, marketing and sales,” said Earl Votolato, CEO of Spellbound Development Group, Inc.

Inventors do not pay for an evaluation of their idea. If Spellbound decides to move forward with an idea or invention, they will either acquire it, or work in partnership with the inventor towards a mutually beneficial business relationship.

“We are now at the point where we would like to help inventors, specifically on new inventions that address the needs of our current client base focusing on food prep, food safety, occupational and public safety. We are excited to open up our offering to inventors from around the world and look to their imaginative and innovative spirit to make the world a safer place to live and work”, stated Votolato.

For more information and to submit inventions to our current client challenges:
spellboundinc.com/inventors or email: inventions@spellboundinc.com

About Spellbound Development Group, Inc.

Spellbound Development Group, Inc. is an ideation and innovation consultancy and has been serving clients since 1992. The company utilizes its POMM®, “POWER OF MANY MINDS®”, process and Ideation Network to generate innovative ideas, products, services and processes used towards solving client business challenges and enhancing enterprise value. Spellbound has manufacturing and design services, and partners located in the USA, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Central America.

Spellbound’s primary focus has been serving the food service, retail, c-store, hospitality and grocery industries for clients such as Taco Bell, Heinz, Hilton and Butterball. In 2009, it formed a division called CrewSafe®, which took over the brand protection and safety initiatives, to allow Spellbound to focus on broadening its ideation and innovation services to other markets. Learn more at www.spellboundinc.com and spellbound.webcitzdevelopment.com

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