Spellbound Reveals New Home for Innovation & Ideation

| By Editorial Staff

Spellbound is preparing for the next couple of decades of partnerships by putting on a vibrant new face. With an updated website and a brand-new West Coast company headquarters, Spellbound has created new spaces from which to offer their expanded innovation and ideation consulting services.


A Bigger Audience

With their new home for their various creative and support teams in place, the company is offering their ideation and innovation solutions to a more diverse audience.

In addition to serving their long-standing clients in the food service, manufacturing, hospitality and retail industries, Spellbound is taking their proprietary ideation and development methodology into new territories. They are looking to partner with companies that are prepared to leap to a whole new level of inventiveness. Spellbound is ready to guide the most fearless marketing, branding and new product development teams into new frontiers.

Measurable Success

Spellbound and their collaborative teams, have been providing the marketplace with pioneering approaches to brand protection solutions since 1992. Every element of their consulting services focuses on optimizing client business performance, driving growth and building enterprise value. If it is a predictor of project success, Spellbound’s strategists will be measuring it.

From Ideation to Production

Many companies struggle to define what makes them different. This is unfamiliar territory. With their “Power Of Many Minds” (or “POMM”) teams in the lead, Spellbound adds structure to creativity, filling the shoes of an ideation, innovation and product design company. Spellbound helps internal teams take ideas from concept, to design, through prototype and production-readiness. The POMM teams lay the groundwork. They provide guidance and structure for companies ready to explore, grow and innovate.

Strategic Innovation

Spellbound believes companies often face a mismatch between their innovation plans and the strategy that needs to be in place to support those plans. Design and development of new products and processes requires a different discipline from the mistake-minimizing systems that govern the core business for so many companies. The uncertainty that characterizes the first mile of innovation requires an approach that encourages experimentation, and, with control mechanisms in place, Spellbound keeps teams on the strategy track.

Spellbound is finding itself with a big market. More brands than ever are giving themselves permission to be bold, listen to what their customers have to say and explore new methods of pleasantly surprising them. Spellbound’s place in the world is championing those efforts.



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