The ABCs of Creativity and Innovation

| By Editorial Staff

It’s not easy trying to explain what it takes to be creative and innovative. Many folks might say, you either got it, or you don’t. But we’re not as cynical. True, there are some people who naturally lean toward innovative ventures. But even if you’re a late bloomer, you, too, can be a creative force to be reckoned with, and develop a product or idea that disrupts the way people live.

How do you do it? We thought it’d make sense to go through the ABCs and highlight some of the most important attributes to hone in on as you develop your skillset and craft.

A: Avant Garde – Don’t be held back by tradition and rules. Break the boundaries and experiment!

B: Big – Go big or go home. When you dream big you achieve things you never thought you could.

C: Competition – To succeed in anything, you need to be competitive. With others, but most importantly with yourself. Constantly compete with yesterday’s self to be better each day.

D: Daring – To be truly innovative, you have to be daring! Dare to be different, dare to change things, and dare to believe in your idea.

E: Energy – Energy is powerful. Positive and strong energy can power you through the toughest times.

F: Faith – Whatever kind of faith you have, faith keeps you going because you believe in what you’re doing.

G: Grit – Things aren’t always going to come easy, so you have to have the grit to continue through difficulties and face problems head-on.

H: Humble – Remember to humble yourself every now and then. Self-confidence is good, but in the greater scheme of things you’re just a drop in the ocean. Be a good drop.

I: Idealism – Don’t be afraid to be idealistic. Idealism lets you be free to have big ideas and reach for the stars.

J: Joy – Bring joy to others with your work. It’s one of the few things that really matters.

K: Kooky – Life is a serious business but don’t be afraid to be a little kooky every once in a while. When you free yourself from restrictions, your ideas flow more freely.

L: Let Go – Let go of the bad stuff that doesn’t serve you. Let go of the self-doubt, the unfounded criticism, and the fear of failure.

M: Mindfulness – Be fully present and aware of the situation. Live in the moment; you’ll get more done and appreciate what you have.

N: Nourish – Hard work is good but remember to take time to nourish your body and your soul.

O: Openness – If you’re closed off, you never know what genius idea you might miss. Be open to trying new things and making mistakes. It’s the best way to learn!

P: Pluck – Pluck is courage’s little brother. It’s when you show in small ways that you believe in yourself and your idea and you’re willing to go out on a limb.

Q: Question – Question everything. Yourself, others, things you take for granted. Can it be done better? Should it be done at all?

R: Respect – Like Aretha said, all anybody is asking for is a little respect. Everyone is worthy of it – from the kid that brings you your coffee to your boss to yourself. Respect them, respect the process, and everything will work out.

S: Share – Take some advice from Barney on this one; sharing is caring. Don’t keep your thoughts bottled up. Share everything – your hopes, dreams, worries and ideas – with someone you trust. Get it off your chest and there’s a chance that while saying it aloud, inspiration will strike!

T: Tenacity – Determination and steadfastness. Tenacity will get you a long, long way.

U: Uncensored – Don’t censor yourself because you think others won’t like or understand it. Say what you believe in and stand up for your ideas.

V: Values – Don’t forget them, don’t lose them, don’t minimize them. They make you you.

W: Worth – Know the worth of everything. What’s worth not giving up on? What’s worth putting behind you? Take a step back and figure out what things are worth.

X: Xenial – Be friendly and hospitable to strange things: people, places, and ideas.

Y: Yugen – A part of Zen philosophy, Yugen means a deep understanding of this universe, this temporal world. Don’t get too lost in daydreams and high-level ideas. Come back to earth every now and then.

Z: Zeal – Have a zeal for life but don’t let it overpower the other good things in you, like kindness and patience.

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